History of Jazz Trombone


A Seminar to Educate Students of Jazz Trombone History , players & styles

Most young trombone players in school jazz bands are often trying to improvise on trombone with NO knowledge of jazz trombone masters past or present. It's like a ship set out to sea with no maps or refferance .

In this seminar by Barry, music is played from his vast and rare collection of jazz great trombone recordings. Early masters such as Tommy Dorsey and Bill Harris then following a more modern players such as Bill Watrous, Frank Rosolino, JJ Johnson, Bob Brookmeyer, Andy Martin and more.

The way the slide is apporached by various masters, vibrato , tone and feeling of the music is part of the seminar. Also we touch on what musical knowledge is needed to be an improvising jazz musician.

This is a must siminar for trombonist playing jazz music.